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Open Market Courses

Following the recent success of our popular 8D Problem Solving course delivered as an open market course, a number of our other courses are now available in open market mode. (This is in addition to the existing ‘in-house’ course delivery option.) Open market courses may be a more suitable option in situations where there is only a small number of personnel to be trained, or for individuals who are seeking training on their own behalf. Please click on the banner on the home page for more details.

Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)

Our MSA course has been continually developed during the past 12 years and clients now have the option to include any of the standard procedures described in the AIAG MSA Manual (4th edition). Additionally, we are able to provide ‘hands-on’ assistance to clients carrying out MSA studies, including guidance in the use of Minitab software, development of bespoke procedures for destructive testing scenarios, and interpretation of MSA results.